Bridge to Freedom Coaching helps entrepreneurs, business owners, and leaders, and their teams to become their own Empowerment Generators and create a "Culture of Connectivity".

The 8-week "Find Your Freedom" Program helps you to take control of your mindset, severe limiting beliefs, level up in how you do your personal and your professional relationships, and change how you do client interaction forever.

This 8-week self-paced training launches you into rigorous action- helping you access your limitless potential and partner with your future successful self.

"The Find Your Freedom Program completely changed my life & business!"

...I read all the books, took training after training, listened to all the top people that everyone tells you too and thought I was doing well. But after working with Bridget, I went from thinking I was doing ok to literally becoming the BEST version of myself. Through this Program, I was able to truly get over the things that were holding me back, and finally break free of the fears and limiting beliefs, to empower myself and finally know what true JOY is! She has not only given me the ability to succeed in business, but she has given me the ability to succeed in life! I will forever be grateful for her impact."

- Michelle Myrter

Certified BANK Coach and Small Business Owner

Take Control of Your Reality

Your mindset is your #1 resource for accessing your limitless potential. Sever limiting beliefs, create new actionable ways to become your future successful self and you will be unstoppable.

Get into Authentic Alignment

Become loyal to "who you are" and you will get in alignment and experience a romance with life by creating thriving relationships personally and professionally.

#1 Goal in Business is to Empower Your Client

Change how you do client interaction forever and create highly relatable experiences with any person, client or potential client in front of you. Take the business out of the relationship, and your relationships will bring you business.

Hi there, Bridget Hom here.

You deserve to be inspired and empowered in every area of your life and business! My goal for you in this program is that you partner with your future successful self, learn new mindset tools and communication strategies to experience a romance with life, and create thriving personal and professional relationships. When you take the business out of your relationships, your relationships will bring you business.

"Find Your Freedom" creates powerful shifts and severes limiting identity beliefs to help you access your limitless potential. I designed this program for you to gain that work-life balance, to become obsessed with empowering others to grow your business and love your life. Whether you are in sales, entrepreneurship, in a leadership role, or you are a team member of a company - this program was designed specifically for you! Can't wait to partner with you and help you level up!